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Please click below to buy your copy of "The Berry Picker House". 

And do not forget to listen to the song written for the book. It is for all who are under the moon lit skies.

The Berry-Picker House

"The Berry-Picker House is a fictional story that ties together the chance meeting of two people in New Orleans during the early part of the twentieth century and a murder trial that takes place in the Finger Lakes Region of Central New York decades later. Connected through the reoccurring song "Lace Around The Moon," this novella is a tale of misguided tumultuous, and binding love and how the choices that people make affect the lives of everyone under the moonlit skies."

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With thanks to my cousin Kali Quinn at the Center for Compassionate Creativity for helping me realize the dream of sharing this story.

And gratitude for the recording of the song:

Lace Around The Moon by:

Katie Klein - Vocals

Mike Lettiere

Michael Marcklinger - Recording/Mixing


Slade Templeton - Mastering Engineer

Recorded at:

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