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Michele Graves and I have finished our new book. It has been published and is now ON SALE on AMAZON!

Click the link below and get your copy!

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The Bond of Blue is a tribute to my father, Francis P. Quinn who was a Buffalo, New York Police Officer.

The main story in my memoir is a non-fictional account of my father's life through my eyes, with my voice. The story takes you back to his upbringing with his father, Frank P. Quinn who was also a Buffalo Police Officer. It then spans through my father's career with the BPD, his life with our family, his passing and beyond. 

At the end of the memoir, is a separate, fictional story of, "what might have been," regarding an actual homicide of an infant boy that my Grandfather was investigating in 1946. 

My memoir showcases the love of family, respect for the law enforcement officers, especially the Buffalo Police Department, and the bond of blue that connects them. 


The Novella 

Lace Around The Moon

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